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What Is Equipment Financing?

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As a business owner, you may need to purchase or upgrade equipment to keep your operations running smoothly and stay competitive.

However, the cost of equipment can be high and difficult to manage within your cash flow.

Equipment financing provides a way for you to spread the cost of equipment over time, with fixed payments that fit your budget.

This means you can get the equipment you need without making a large upfront investment, and avoid tying up your cash flow.

With equipment financing, you can get the tools and technology you need to grow your business while preserving your financial flexibility.

What Kind of Equipment Can I Finance?

Equipment financing

As a business owner, you can apply for equipment financing to acquire a wide range of equipment across various industries.

Some common examples of equipment that can be financed include:

  1. Manufacturing equipment such as machinery, robots, and conveyors.
  2. Construction equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, and cranes.
  3. Office equipment such as computers, printers, and copiers.
  4. Medical equipment such as MRI machines, X-ray machines, and ultrasound equipment.
  5. Restaurant equipment such as ovens, grills, and refrigerators.
  6. Farming equipment such as tractors, cultivators, and irrigation systems.
  7. Transportation equipment such as trucks, trailers, and buses.

In addition to these, there are many other types of equipment that can be financed depending on your industry and specific business needs. It’s best to research and consult with equipment financing providers to determine what types of equipment financing options are available to you.

Equipment financing

Equipment Financing Companies

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Finding the right company to fund your equipment financing goals could be tricky. That’s where America Advances comes in.

America Advances offers equipment financing solutions that cater to a diverse range of business niches, including medical, construction, contracting, farming, and more.

Our customized payment plans and low rates make it easy for businesses to acquire the equipment they need to stay competitive and grow their operations. .

With fast approval and funding, America Advances provides a hassle-free application process and expert guidance to help businesses choose the best financing options for their specific needs. 

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Business Financing Programs

Looking for something else? America Advances has you covered.

Cash Advance

A Lump sum payment to a business in exchange for a portion of its future credit and debit card sales.

Equipment Financing

A Business Loan that is specifically designed to help businesses purchase or lease equipment.

Working Capital

Business working capital loans are designed to help cover day-to-day and short term operating expenses.

Hard / Private Money

Direct Financing secured by real estate. These Loans are based on the value of the property being used as collateral.